Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Every Saturday we have a secret family field trip. The kids get so excited about this. They ask every time, "What are we going to do for secret family filed trip." To which we respond, "It's a secret." Last Saturday we got to go to a farm in our community as apart of our Stake day of service, and paint a fence. The kids thought that this was so great. Every time I paint they ask if they can help - sometimes they can, sometimes they can't. So painting all by themselves, outside, over grass was such a great opportunity. They had so much fun and they did a really great job. Near the end as we were cleaning up I heard the girls screaming (the 'someone is chasing me and I like it' kind of scream) and there was Tate running after all the girls with wet paint brush in hand!
After we finished up there we went to a new park and then to Home Depot to pick up some wood. The children designed and then built there own birdhouses. It started to rain in the middle of our project so we had to move it inside to the kitchen counter. Trying to make dinner while listening to four hammers working away was noisy and I was wanting it to be over sooner than later, but I was so proud of them. I thought that they would get tired and that Darren and I would be left to finish up 4 little birdhouses, but they keep going until the last nail was in. It was a great day!

o.k. seriously, could that face be cuter? The concentration! He worked hard to make that birdhouse.

Above: The Queen on her throne
Below: Her subjects hard at work
(just kidding - Noelle worked just as hard if not more than anyone else)


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  1. LOL! Shelly these pictures are hilarious! Nya with that huge jug! and tate's face pulling on that hammer. oh i love it!
    Those bird houses are amazing! I'm impressed! SFFT is a great idea :)