Our Backyard

Monday, June 14, 2010

If you look very carefully you will be able to see a humming bird sitting on her nest. Her nest is a tiny piece of moss in the tree. Her eggs are no bigger than breath mints. I cannot describe to you how small and incredibly beautiful she, her nest and her eggs are. An ordinary miracle in my own backyard.

When we moved into this house we had a backyard filled with nothing but shale and a good amount of mature trees. In the latter we were really fortunate, they are some of the most beautiful trees around. We have 2 huge arbutus trees that provide shade in the summer and beauty all year long, as they keep leaves throughout the winter months. They are what we see when we look out our windows. It is so nice to have something that beautiful to look at. I never take it for granted.
The rest of the yard needed some TLC, a lot of elbow grease and know how. I am also fortunate when it comes to knowing a good landscaper. I happen to be married to one of the best. He is so extremely incredible at what he does. He has created a personal oasis for our family. We love being in our back yard. We still have so much to do, but I believe that a garden is never really done - there will always be new plants to add, weeding to do, structures to build, animals to tend, things to discover, vegetables to care for, plants to re-locate and a million other things. But I also believe that that is part of the charm of a garden. I want mine to be an evolutionary process that takes years to fully become what I imagined when we began and then to look as if it has been there forever, with hidden treasures around every corner. I believe that we as human beings grow with our gardens and if you have caught the bug you will understand that and the peace and power and calm that comes from having your hands in the dirt and being a steward of God's earth.

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