Friday, July 30, 2010

This is one of my favorite things to do! I love using things for something other than its intended purpose.

I got this napkin holder at Superstore and have in the past and still do use it for napkins, but I love it on my desk to hold the mail and bills.

This dish came from my moms house. It is suppose to hold food. I assume candies or olives or something like that. I also use this on my desk to hold magnets, staples and paperclips.

I found this urn from a little shop down town. It is probably for flowers or maybe just decoration. It holds my pens.

I bought this soup tureen for $11 at Superstore, just because I love it. Maybe if I made homemade soup it would fulfill its intended purpose, but I don't (not yet, anyways!) So I use it to hold chips and cookies and other things like that.

My friend Rachel inspired me with this find (also from Superstore). It is a kitchen canister which can be turned into a vase. I love the shape of it.

These little pots I found at the CUTEST little garden shop in town. They hold our keys, which I never lose because I always put them away as soon as I walk in the door when I get home.

 I originally bought this mug to hold the kids toothbrushes, but it started to leave a rust ring on the counter from always sitting in a puddle of water, so I cleaned up the counter and the bottom of the mug and now it holds flowers. It is the perfect little size for a side table.

Buckets - I love them. They can hold anything and everything! I found some really cute red buckets at Home Depot to hold books and toys for the boys room. It also makes clean-up really fast and easy!

This is also in the boys room and houses our little fish Ginger. I think it is a punch bowl or a big vase, maybe for floating flowers in. I have used it for floating flowers - lilacs are beautiful this way.  The fish belongs to Tate who is 4. He would not be convinced to pick a boy name, as the fish is actually a boy. He was SET on Ginger! Too cute!)

I blogged about this find from Winners before. But I love it. I use it for glasses. It stays out on the counter all the time. At dinner the cups are right there ready to go and easy to carry. But it also, could be used for so many different things, like cupcakes, fruit, chips, cookies, cutlery, napkins or anything else you could imagine.

This has to be one of my most favorite finds EVER. I bought it from Home Sense. I love the color of it, the shape of it, and the possibilities! 
Right now it is in the main bathroom holding a plant, bar soap and hand lotion. 
It could be used for 
-napkins and cutlery 
-in/out mail boxes in an office 
-pens, pencils and markers 
 -chalk and a chalk brush
-kitchen utensils
-cotton balls
anything you could think of!

So be creative. Think outside the box. Have fun with your home.

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