Once Upon a Time.....

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This summer my mom's dad was able to come out for just over a month from Ontario. We LOVED having him here. He is the last living grandparent Darren or I have on either side. It was such an amazing sight to see him bond with all of my children (most of whom he had never met) and they with him. It was fun to discover so many little facts about him and his life that I never knew - like that he is left handed just like my Emma! I was able to talk with him and ask him about his life. I hope that he felt loved while he was here - we did not want him to go.

I hope that if you still have grandparents living that you will take the time to call them, send them a card, let them know you care.

I have often wondered what it will be like when I am old and gray. I think that I will want to tell all the younger people around me that once I was a little girl in pigtails, once I filled my pocket with worms and they went through the wash, once I was young and wrinkle free maybe even pretty, once I dyed my hair and it went pumpkin orange, once I used to repel down mountains, once I baked cake and used powdered milk instead of flour and wondered what went wrong, once I worked in a little cafe called Skinny Pigs, once I had my heart broken, once I wrote stories and painted pictures, once I held the hand of my eternal companion for the first time and had butterflies in my stomach, once I was married and I wore a beautiful dress, once I wanted a baby so badly and I thought  it would never happen, once I had 2 miscarriages, once I had a baby for the first time and I was filled with more love than imaginable, once we bought our first house and stayed up late every night fixing it up and making it our own, once I learned the hard way, once I took someone's good advice, once I cried on a friends shoulder, once a friend cried on mine, once I had 5 children under 10, once there were a lot of tears, once there was a lot of laughter, once I had little girls in pigtails, once I had little boys with spikes, once (and only once) I went to a spin class, once I had long brown hair, once I felt alone, once I felt adored, once I watched my children grow and become young adults with their whole lives ahead of them, once I worried about them and how everything would turn out, once I had trials, once I thought that I would snap like a rubber band, once I came out so much stronger than before, once I was a gardener, once I watched as my children, 1 by 1, got married and had families of their own, once I loved those babies ever so much as I had loved my own, once I started to die my hair because I was going gray, once I still got butterflies when I saw my husband from across a room, once I watched as my grandchildren grew bigger and I grew smaller, once I stopped dying my hair because the gray began to out number the brown and I learned to love myself anyways, once I had goals and dreams, once I had to put some of them away for the sake of my family and once I was able to accomplish them, once I lived a life worth telling about.

Will people care about my many years on this earth? Will they want to know what I have learned? Will they know WHO I was? The things I liked to do? Will they really care?

After decades of experience on the planet, I would think that we as the younger generation would want to have the wisdom of our elderly imparted upon us. Instead I fear we feel that we are to busy, that there will always be another day, or even worse that we already know it all.

Take the opportunity before it is too late to find out where you came from. These people we call grandparents were and still are people - people who loved, people who lost, people who lived a life full of different adventures, people who dreamed, people who felt, people who because they are here, made it possible for us to be here too!

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  1. That's really beautiful. I'm glad you have this blog because it's only through this blog that I've learned so much about you. And it doesn't matter if I live in Victoria or Seattle, I won't miss a thing.