2 Wheeler

Friday, October 1, 2010

How could I have forgotten to blog about this. This is Tate. Tate is 4. He is the youngest child of ours so far to learn to ride a bike. All of my other children just think he is the greatest for learning so quickly. He is so pleased with himself, and would prefer to be riding his bike more than anything else (except for being with his chickens). I know he is not the first child out there to learn to ride a 2 wheeler at 4, some have learned even younger than that. The thing that I will always cherish about this memory is that his sister Noelle, spent part of the summer, patiently teaching her little brother to ride his bike. Darren and I had nothing to do with it. So in that sense I am proud not only Tate, but Noelle as well.

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