3 for 3

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

How could I forget? How could I forget that when Noelle was 2  she would empty her drawers and change 7 times a day? How could I forget refolding everything and putting it away again, hoping it would stay that way? How could I forget that it never did? How could I forget that Emma did that exact thing everyday, at that same age - only then to remember when Noelle went through that phase? How then, did I forget all over again, until I was reminded by my 3rd daughter, who now follows in her sisters footsteps? How dare I feel frustrated instead of cherishing this time? For all too soon it will be over and what was once a source of frustration will through the grace of time become one of my most cherished memories, when I am old and gray, and Darren and I sit at the breakfast table and say, "remember when......."

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  1. so cute. Aubrey had that bathing suite when she was a baby. When Aubrey started changing her clothes all day long (recently) it reminded me of myself. I remember do it when I was around 5 or 6 and I remember being hassled about it.