Teachers Assistant

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I would love to be able to sit and read every book and  help with every puzzle whenever I am asked, and although I can a lot of the time, sometimes I cannot. This comes with the territory of having a large family and other children who need my time and attention as well. Instead of worrying or feeling guilty - how will I ever home school them all and give them the time and attention they need? - I have to remember that I have older children that can and are willing to help out. Like today, when I was asked by Tate to read him a story. I told him that I would in a minute as soon as I finished what I was doing. Emma, having heard the conversation asked if he would like her to read to him. He was delighted. Tate did not care if it was read by Emma or myself. He just wanted to hear a story. I believe that they gain so much from being able to serve and help each other. So in my absence and limitations, something else is gained - a bond between siblings that necessity helps create. 

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