Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I have been wanting to freshen up our family blog for some time now, but I have put it off because I wasn't sure what I actually wanted to do. Do I merge the 3 blogs into 1? Or just the family blog and the school blog? Do I change my URL? Will People be able to find me? Will this cause to much frustration? And most importantly - What should our new name be? I have been changing it back and forth between different options for days now. How do you capsulate your life in 1 small sentence? And of course I want it to be catchy and original and mean something to me, without being cheesy. This is way harder than it seems (or it could just be me). So apart from "the McCullough family", how do I do this? I have thought of names such as:
a place for 7
life in 7's
pieces of 7
and then there were 7
through the eyes of 5
life through 7
the simple life with 7
in the steps of 7
life completely
life in 7 steps
one plus one = 7
life of 7
a slice of 7

Obvious theme. 7 is my favorite number (that and 5) I have never had a favorite number. In fact I used to think it was quite strange that anyone did. It is just a number after all. Since having 5 kids and becoming a family of 7 nothing has ever felt so perfectly completely happy for us. So now instead of 1 favorite number, I have 2. When I see these numbers I think of my children, my family and my life. This was my starting place. I think I finally found the right name for us. I also think I will be merging the family blog and our school blog into 1.
And just for fun - How would you sum up your life with 1 simple phrase?

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