Thursday, April 28, 2011

As I am sure countless mothers have done before me, I have sung this song to each and every child of mine. And 1 by 1 as the children came along, together we would sing this to the new baby on the way. This song becomes personal. It is a mothers ballad to her children. Each 1 claiming it as her own, as if for the first time. Her individual expression of her love for her child. 
No one else was there as I sang this to my babies. In those moments it belonged to us, and us alone. The world outside ceased to exist if only for a moment here and there. Nothing else mattered. 

Thanks to Debra and her vinyl magic, I was able to make this for our home. The only problem is where to put it. I want 1 in every room of the house. It makes he happy just to look at it - like a spot of sunshine on the wall, forever reminding me of the most tender moments in my life.

Thank you Debra.
I {LOVE} it.

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