running log - day 5

Monday, June 20, 2011

Today was hard. I did not want to run.
6.4 km in 50 minutes. I think I will stick with this distance for a while and work on shortening the time and lengthening the running segments. Right now it is approximately 50% walking 50% running.
I did feel stronger today. This, I think, is a good sign! I was getting pretty bad running cramps, which I am sure is due to 2 things - lack of water and lack of oxygen. I drank before I ran today and the cramps were much better, but my post 5 pregnancies bladder was not so co-operative and I had to stop twice for a bathroom break (good thing the washrooms are right there). The lack of oxygen part is a little more tricky. I have ever since I was 18 had a breathing problem, nothing serious so I have not done much about it after my first attempt at going to the doctors and trying to figure it out. He told me that it could be anything. End of story. This was not my regular family doctor, just a drop in clinic in the transition of moving cities. I cannot do as they say and breath in through my nose and out through my mouth while exercising. This has always been the case. I cannot expand my lungs enough to take in enough air. I have to breath in through my mouth as well as out. I will be talking to my wonderful family doctor about this next week when I go and see him. More information than you probably care to know about me, but I want to chart my progress and see the improvement in different areas.
Oh, and I would love to find some super good runners.


  1. Remember not to push yourself too hard. You don't want to risk injury. There are lots of training links or apps for iphones (couch to 5k or 10k). I found this one as an example,,20410969,00.html

    I still do my long runs with a run 10 minutes/walk 1 minute system. Your body recovers much faster. And don't forget that faster is not always better.

    Slow and steady is the way to go. You are doing great!!

  2. Oh, faster is not always better is referring to your pace - not your recovery time. oops!!

  3. Hey Shelli, it has been a while since I looked at your blog and I saw the running stuff...Good for you.. I know Deb is a lot more pro runner than myself...but it took me a while to get past that being able to run and not stop and walk. I just pushed through it one day and it was easier after that. You are doing very well though with your distance. That is way better than what I have ever done. I am getting back to running because it is easier than anything else, I can do it by myself...hehe, and not have kids all over me.Anyway, Great Job. Also for breathing.. Neil uses an albuteral inhaler because he has breathing trouble only when he runs. It really helps him!! We are moving to Portland Oregon and really want to make a trip up to Victoria at some point since we are a lot more closer and it is so beautiful there. I will let you know when we do that! If you are ever down our way also you always have a place to stop in and stay...;-) Have fun running and you will do great!