Thursday, August 18, 2011

For those of you who are wondering - we are not moving. I never meant to so coyly hint and then leave you hanging. Now that I have said that here is the deal - I am a home body. I love being home. I am not a super social person, although I do love people. I set down roots and I dig deep. I love the idea of having my grown children come home to the house that was their own for all of their childhood. I hope that they will love it always and want to return. I love my house, my yard, my community. I love living 5 minutes from church. I love living 2 minutes from the beach. I love my life. But.....

there is a dream! There is a part of me, be it ever so small, that longs for adventure. I imagine selling it all and packing up our littles and moving far, far away while everyone is still young. I feel like I have this amazing window wherewith I could go anywhere and do anything with little protest from the kids. I feel the desire to step out of my own backyard and be immersed in a different culture. I feel something pulling me. It is pulling me away from comfort, and to the unfamiliar. I feel my heart changing. I feel myself excepting. Is there something else in store for me that I am being prepared for?
So when I say that we may or may not be moving, it will not be happening for a few years yet, if at all. Maybe it is enough that I would be willing to go. Maybe we are meant to stay here for the remainder of our lives. Maybe we will never live that dream. And if that is the case than we will most certainly live another kind of dream, the 1 we are already in.

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