mud pie

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I came home from a meeting today to find the back door open and cold air pouring in. The girls had been with me, Nya was still napping, Tate was in the house playing, and Darren was in the front yard. But I knew, even before I discovered everybody's whereabouts that Bergen was the reason for the open door. I went outside to see what he was up to and found one muddy little man. He had been collecting worms. There were at least 100 in that bottle! I don't know where he found them all, or what he is going to do with them, but as far as worms go it was pretty impressive!
You should have seen the bathroom when he was finished washing up. He came out clean, but the sink didn't fare quite so well.

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  1. Comes by it honest...the worm collecting that is.