get lost!

Friday, December 2, 2011

This is the second time we have been here this week. This is one of our most favorite places to be. 
 Of all the worries and insecurities I have about homeschooling, there is one thing that fills me up and gives me hope and lets me know that I have nothing to worry about!
 These children LOVE books. They could read and read and read. Being a book lover myself, I secretly thrill at the sight of them in the library. 
Actually, I rarely see them. Once we are through those doors they all disappear into the section of their choice, and I reluctantly have to gather them all up when it is time to go. 
 Back at home they disappear once again to snuggle on couches, in beds, or even on the book tray itself.
I love nothing more than when my children and I can get lost - in a good book that is!

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