adjusting my focus

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Yesterday we had the opportunity to spend the day (homeschooling) with the Schafers. Whenever I am in need of direction, I go here. This house is filled with perspective. It is not any one thing that is said, but everything all around me that refocuses my vision, and brings me back to the basics. I, once again, remember why I am doing this. I rediscover the joy that can be found in this way of life. Homeschooling, despite the very name of the thing, is not most effectively done alone. A community is still needed to educate these children. The most exciting part is that YOU get to choose what that community looks like. Along with a handful of beloved others, this family happens to be a very important part of our 'community".

While we were there Noelle had an impromptu harp lesson from Alyssa. I asked Alyssa if she would consider giving Noelle lessons since we would be there once a week anyways. She said she would! Now I need to find a harp to rent. They don't seem to be common, nor are they cheap. And I don't want to buy one until I know that she is committed for the long haul. 

I took this video of Noelle playing her first song on the harp, and I forgot (again) that you CANNOT turn your camera sideways and flip the video later as you can with photos, even though my husband has told me on several different occasions. Oh well. It is the audio that is important here after all.

While I was holding Kirsten's new baby and listening to the harp, the boys were outside building these, apparently called goof boards. They are used to help with your balance for all board sports. It is harder that it looks.

Harp playing, goof boarding, and baby holding - that is the best kind of homeschool day.
Thank you Schafer family. We love you!


  1. Ask my mom about harp rentals if you need some info; they rented one for Juliet for the first year (or two?) I think. Such a beautiful and unique instrument!

  2. I went to a funeral a few years ago, and for prelude music they had a harp playing. It was incredibly beautiful.

    I don't know anything about the harp, but I wonder if Noelle would pick it up quickly with her piano background? How fun!