peachy keen

Thursday, March 15, 2012

We finished the bed, for those who have asked. As much as I like the color, I am still adjusting. I find myself walking into the room and pausing, walking back out, standing in the hallway and looking back in. 

I am in need of advice. I have tried to decorate this room several times over the 6 years we have lived here, and every time I lose steam because I can see it going in a direction I am not loving, or because I have run out of inspiration, or because I have loads of inspiration but I am unsure as to how to apply it. 

I have a ton of questions - 
Do I paint the picture frames and the curtain rods? What color?
Do I get white blinds or natural wood? 
Do I make curtains? What kind? Or do I forget about curtains altogether and just go with blinds? 
Do I embrace this peach that has become a pit of uncertainty, or begin again? 

These are not life altering questions, they are barely even important. But I want to be done, once and for all (for now), not for me, but for the 3 little ladies who share this space and call it theirs. I want this to be a place for them to love and imagine and dream and play. Problem is I have been looking at this room for so long - I need a fresh set of eyes and an unattached opinion. 

Have you got one? Please share......


  1. Love the color Shelli. I get what you are saying, I definitely struggle with decisions like this. Have you searched pinterest? Just a thought. I wish I had more for you! Just waking up and haven't had enough coffee yet. Love the "Jesus wants me for a sunbeam" picture, I just pinned it! Happy Friday!

  2. Love the peach! I think you should forget about curtains. Blinds would do the trick :) Excellent work so far.

  3. Love the peach color...what do the girls think?