p.s. I love you

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Since moving away last summer, my parents, mostly my mom I'm sure, hasn't missed an occasion to send cards to my children. They LOVE this. I LOVE this. She never forgets. Every holiday they are there, waiting for us in the mail box. The excitement that these small pieces of paper bring - I hope you know, mom, just how much they mean to us all.

A return letter to Grandma and Grandpa from my little Ginger Snap.
To Mom and Dad from me:  My heart felt heavy and sad, and my eyes filled with tears as my little brown eyed boy looked up at me today and said, "I miss Grandma and Grandpa". That is it - all he had to say, as if my heart had silently spoken those words to him, as if he knew what I was thinking at that very moment.

We hug and I tell him, "Me too, Tate. Me too." 

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