here comes the bride

Sunday, April 15, 2012

 We kept it a secret until the very end. 

 The groom delivered her right on time - pretty and perfect and unsuspecting.

  Maid of honor Stephanie - a.k.a Cousin. 

 Laurie (mother of the groom), and Debra (dear friend extraordinaire)

 Bridesmaids - Stephanie (Nya on hip), Paisley, and Krista.

 Laurie - beautiful mother of the groom.

 Aubrey, the bride, and Kirsty, mother of the bride.

 Spencer showed up at the end and was just in time to open the last present, which happened to be from his mom. 
She put together a bag of things for their honeymoon to Mexico, including matching flip-flops and t-shirts!

Of all the photos this is my favorite! 
Darren had taken the boys out dirt bike riding before the shower began, and when they arrived home, an hour into the shower, things were in full swing. 
 It was standing room only. 
This is Tate in a house bursting with chatting, laughing, happy women. 

There are so many people I have to thank for this night, and although thank you does not seem enough I hope you will know just how grateful I am. 
First of all - thank you Emma, for sharing your day, your birthday, so that we could have this shower.
Thanks to everyone who came, including family from the mainland.
Stephanie and Kirsta - thank you for everything you did. I sincerely cherish the time we spent together preparing for this shower! 
Naomi and Laurie - thank you for the food you so willing and lovingly made for this evening. 
And dear Debra - the power behind the vision. Thank you for everything. From party favors to mini cheese cakes, peach tulle, punch, prizes, and tissue paper, from candies to table cloths sewn in the final hour - thank you. I love you.

Aubrey - I love you and I wish you the very best. I will be forever grateful that I was able to have this small part in this most exciting time in your life. 

Love, Shelli


  1. What a beautiful shower! And I LOVE that picture of Tate! Made me laugh out loud!!

  2. Ah! You just made me so jealous. This looks so perfect and wonderful. Aubrey is lucky to have family & friends close by. That was the worst part about living in Alberta while being engaged for me.

  3. Everything turned out so beautifully!!! I love the pom poms the best, I think. Nice photos of everyone. The photo of Tate made me laugh out loud, also.

    ps - your dress coordinates so well. Nicely done!