searching for spring

Friday, April 6, 2012

In the hopes that spring will come, and stay for awhile, I have been on the hunt for dresses. This hard to find when you are also searching for accompanying modesty. With the help of a friend and some time searching the internet, I did find some online shops and I thought I'd share.

I received this in the mail on Tuesday. They had this dress at Mikarose, which is where I was originally planning on buying it from, but I waited too long ( I was nervous that I wouldn't order the right size, or that it wouldn't be as nice in person) and it sold out. Luckily I found the same one at Jen Clothing. I crossed my fingers and placed my order. 
I am happy to tell you that it is pretty and perfect in every way. My {sweet little} girls think I look like a princess! 

This one I ordered just yesterday. I am hoping my luck continues and that I will love it every bit as much as the first one. 

I also thought I would sew myself a spring skirt. After much tweaking I think it is going to turn out nicely. I am almost done, and I cannot wait to wear it. 

I love jeans and flip-flops just as much as the next person, but I am so glad that I get to be a girl and wear pretty dresses. 
My boys, big and small, tell us girls that we can have it. Every Sunday they are glad it is not them that have to sport a skirt.

This website, Eshakti, I have not ordered from yet, but as you place your order, you put in your measurements, height and all. 
You pick your sleeve and the length of your hem. The dress is then custom sewn for you! 
This dress with a little cap sleeve and the hem just below the knee is calling my name. 
Happy spring!


  1. very pretty. You will look beautiful in all of them. I will have to blog about the skirt I bought in Seattle. You will laugh.

  2. That purple dress looked amazing on you today!