Tate's Bake Shop

Friday, May 25, 2012

In January, during one of our trips to the library, I came across this book. Tate thought it was pretty cool to see his name on the cover of a book, and he insisted that we take it home with us. We had fun over the next few days baking. 

When the time came for me to return the book I called the local book store to see if they carried it. I wanted to buy a copy for Tate. She said that they didn't, but that she could order it in for me. She asked me which one of the 2 different books of that title I wanted. There was the original Tate's Bake Shop, and another one called Tate's Bake Shop - Baking with Kids. The one for children hadn't actually been released yet, but was available for pre-order. A kids version? Even better! So I had her pre-order the children's version, and over the next few months forgot all about it. Then last week they called to tell me it was in and awaiting pick-up. We hopped in the van and drove into town. Tate had already picked which recipe he wanted to try before we even got home.  

Just as I was getting all the ingredients ready, Tate fell and hit his cheek pretty hard on the tread of the deck stairs. 

He came howling into the house, and I quickly put ice on his face. He fell asleep as I sat with him, poor little guy, 
and I was left to make cookies on my own (actually, Nya helped).

I used my new mixer that Darren and the kids gave me for mother's day. I have wanted one for as long as I have been married. Thank you. I love it. 

I woke Tate up an hour and a half later to fresh cookies - served in our favorite way, lately - ice cream sandwich style!

His cheek continued to get more swollen and purple as the afternoon went on. 
So recently after Nya's black eye, all I could think of was," another one bites the dust". 

At least we have cookies and ice cream to ease the pain!


  1. Yipee a Kitchen Aid! That book is very cute too :)

  2. Those look delish! You have some serious willpower, Shelli!