{insta} double date

Saturday, July 14, 2012

I have a confession: Darren and I have never been really great at having regular date nights, especially during those years we were having all our children. But now, with an incredible 12 year old babysitter in the house, we have been making a bigger effort to get out more often. In fact, I got 2 date nights this week. I feel so spoiled. Last night we were able to go on a double date with 2 of our most favorite people.

Getting ready.

We spent most of the day at the beach, and by the time we got home and cleaned up, 
we didn't have much time to prepare a proper dinner. 
The kids informed me that they would be more than happy with cold cereal!

Saying good-bye.
Nya and Tate both have to give me a thousand hugs and kisses before we go anywhere. 
I feel very loved.

 Dinner at Just Jakes.

Darren and me

 Gerry and Debra

After dinner we walked around downtown. 
Duncan Days started yesterday. There were a lot of people out and about and there was much to see.

Gerry taking a picture of us taking a picture of them.

 The weather was perfect. the sky was beautiful.

The story behind the picture below -

Darren: Stand in front of that bike and let me take your picture.
Me: okay.
Darren: (laughing out loud at me) It's so not you.
Me: I know. That's what makes it funny.
Darren laughing
Me: Hurry up and take the picture before the owner comes walking around the corner!

My dad would be so proud!

As things began to close down for the night we decided last minute 
to go and see the new Spiderman movie. I actually kind of liked it.

Gerry and Debra, thank you for the fun last night. We had a great time.


  1. Yes he would...I will make sure he gets to see the picture of his beautiful daughter next to a motorbike...It may never happen again. Hugs, Hugs, Hugs!!!!!!!!