weekend with the cousins

Saturday, August 25, 2012

We had the best weekend with Tracey, Kaylee and Jordan.
Friday we went to the beach - it was a beautiful day.

Emma is getting pretty good at doing her hair. 
I am always impressed that she can create such styles on her own head.

 Daisy had fun running in the ocean and then rolling in the sand.

 She cleaned up pretty well though!
Cute little thing.

Jordan spent a lot of time collecting hermit crabs which she wanted to take home with her. 
She settled for a picture instead.

After we finished at the beach we took a walk around Chemainus..... 

And got some ice cream.

Sunscreened and sandy little girls all needed a bath, 
so we bought a lemon bath bomb from Saltspring Soapworks. 
They shared a bubble bath later on that evening in our big tub. 
Some wore swimsuits, some did not!

Then, because neither Tracey nor myself wanted to cook, we went out to White Spot for dinner.

Saturday morning was spent sleeping in and playing around the house.
The weather wasn't the greatest, but we did go to the downtown market and look around. 
Tracey found some great meal kits. We had Apricot Butter Chicken for dinner that night. 
I am going to go back and stock up this Saturday.
The we walked over to the Garage. I had never been there before.
 I bought a new tooth brush (which I cannot say enough good things about!) and quinoa for the first time (which we ate with our apricot butter chicken).

And while we were doing all that, the other half of us up at Long Beach were doing this......

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  1. Fun to look at all those pictures. I still have to get caught up before I can post my pictures of the weekend.