Wednesday, September 26, 2012

It is early.
All the kids are still asleep.
I woke up this morning to an least favorite way to wake. I much prefer a tiny face whispering, "Mom", than the buzz of an alarm. But I know, from past experience, that if I get up before the children, somehow I get a jump start on my day.
I have been having a hard time trying to figure out how to home school and fit in things like exercise, hobbies, even a shower. If I want these things to happen I must get up while it is still dark, before the children wake.
I always feel better when I do. Why don't I remember this? Somehow it just does not hold the same appeal as a couple more hours of sleep.
I sit here in front of my computer, when I should be in the shower. I finished my workout and thought I would quickly check a couple of my favorite blogs before I get ready for the day.
It just so happens that I am off to a two day home schooling conference today. I have plateaued. I need fresh ideas, help, and inspiration. I hope, and pray that this will be just the thing.
And what do I stubble upon in my precious few minutes in blogland? A post by a lady I greatly admire, as if written just for me, just this day, in the wee small hours of the morning.

Why I almost gave up home schooling


  1. I too am trying to get up before kids wake so I can do what I need/want to do before they bombard me with their breakfast demands and the day gets running. Hope you find some inspiring ideas at the homeschool conference. You and all you manage to do amazes me:)

  2. What a fabulous link!! There are way to many days that I think of quiting!! I am so envious of the conference! Let me know ALL about it and any ideas you get !!
    Thank you for being such an inspiration