just one moment

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

I had one of those moments today - As I drove down a smooth and winding road, sun shining, sky blue. The leaves falling from their once safe perches upon the tree, drifting, floating all around me.


And I realized, once again, that this is what this thing we call life is all made up of...moments. Lots of little moments, patched together like some rag quilt passed down through the generations, each piece a piece of us. These memories that make up our earthly experience, I take the bad with the good. I have to, that is the only way it is offered. I cling to the good memeories. They are a strength helping me find my way through those more difficult times. And, somehow, as the quilt is assembled, I begin to see the beauty in those bad moments as well. When they are sewn in with and between the prettier patches, they take on a new appearance. I no longer have to shun them - humble and threadbare . I begin to see the vision a little clearer.

Let my quilt fill up with many of these moments, the precious gifts given to me by a God who knows my name. This moment is just for me. He knows how the whirlwind of falling leaves warms my heart, tells me He is here. And the memory of those moments can be recalled whenever I need them most. The times I feel out of control, lost, alone, out of grace. He will bestow His grace upon me in all my days, in every one of my 'moments'. God is good. He is there in the amber leaves that blow about me.

My heart is wrapped in that quilt, started long ago, the one I sew day by day. Together with Him, we will weave these things into the great masterpiece that is this life....but just a few moments. He is in them all. This quilt, the only offering I have at the end, to pass down, and to offer up, to generations that follow and the Lord who is on high. The one who gave me the material for my quilt. I return it to Him, hopefully having done with those patches the very best that I could.

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