Saturday, January 9, 2016

It's a story I've told three girls so far and some day I'll tell it to Violet. I was raised in a loving family where I kept the company of a mother, a father, and three younger brothers. I was every good thing an older sister is suppose to be, most especially, bossy - I was quite the proficient. Although I prefer to think of myself as one possessing leadership skills instead of "boss hog", which in the eyes of a boy child is probably most accurate.

All I ever wanted was a sister. But apparently you can't control those kinds of things.

It may have taken us some time to realize it, but now, as grown adults, my siblings and I really do like each other. There was always love there, no matter how deeply it may have been buried. But now we laugh, like a lot, and wonder why we didn't get it when we were younger. But there remained a hole right raw in my heart. I longed for a sister even more than before. I saw the way women are bonded in sisterhood and longed for the same. The comfort between them, the things they talk about, and all the unspoken they share. 

And then I began having children. 18 years, 2 sons and 4 daughters later, I have been blessed beyond measure. 

It began with Noelle. I told it to her. Of the girl who pined for a sister. And that God choose, instead, to bless me with her. A sister-daughter for me to love. Then Emma, then Nya and now little Violet. And as they grow and I tell them the story again and again, I realize that it is not now only a secret wish of a fairy tale life, but that I do actually have sisters - 4 of them, really truly. Not always will they be my babies, not long will they stay small. More years will be spent together as adults, then we ever had with wee ones in pig-tales. And all that is shared will be shared between women. 

A loving Heavenly Father sent me sisters indeed. I just had to wait a little longer than some.

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