Friday, February 8, 2008

I talked to my dear friend Kirsten today, she is days away from having her 6th baby. 1 daughter and 4 sons later, they were very delighted to find out that this baby is a girl! She told me how excited everyone is to meet this much awaited baby. It reminded me that I love being a mom, not every minute, not even every day, but so much more than I could describe. Some days I want to forget and some days I want to remember forever. The days I want to forget are the days that I don't feel patient enough, strong enough, soft enough, good enough, yet somehow they continue to love me anyways. I need to ask myself if I return the same unconditional love towards them that they so freely show me. I am grateful for the trials (I know) as they help me grow and I hope when all is said and done that my children will be better for having me as their mother, but most importantly I will be better for having had them as my children.

Noelle's Baptism

On Sunday, January the 27th, 2008, our daughter Noelle was baptized. We are so very proud of the girl she is and the choices she makes. She had such a wonderful day. She requested that she hand out her own programs for the afternoon. All of her grandparents were involved in some way, which was very special to her. As a mother I wanted everything to be perfect and I suppose my anxiety was showing when a friend reminded me that the dress, the program, the people there are all important, but to remember that the most important thing was that Noelle was being baptized. Although everything was so very perfect, the most incredible thing was seeing the excitement in her whole being, as see bounced (reverently) with joy. Congratulations Noelle. We love you!

A Beginner Blogger

I have never been very good at keeping a journal. The older I get, or should I say more mature, it sounds much nicer, the more important I realize it is. Not just for posterity's sake but my own "mommy mind" that with each additional child and every passing year is becoming more like a salad spinner. I get lost in the, who am I really? question, that I would like to believe we all ask ourselves sometimes. I am a mom, a wife, a friend. These are the things I love the most. The parts of me that aren't just mine but shared with those whom they involve. As I begin my adventure as a blogger I hope to be able to document some of the important events in my life and the lives of those I love, so I will first of all remember them and secondly remember all the blessing's in my life. And I hope most of all to get to know myself better through the journey.