End Of The Year Party For Bergen's Class

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Our family was invited to an end of the year party for the children in Bergen's class and it was a great success. The kids had a very fun time!

When everyone arrived we started with a 'donut on a string' eating contest. It was very entertaining to watch and Bergen won for the boys. We are so proud of how fast he can eat a donut!

Tate wasn't about to wait for his donut. He just walked right up and pulled his off the string.

The girl's were up next. Mrs. Fairwell, who was pressured into it, won that one.

Tate got to walk the dog, well hold the leash while the dog just sat there. Still pretty exciting for him.

The slip and slide was a big hit as was the trampoline.

But theres nothing like a sandbox though for a boy who loves his trucks.

They even had a play house, from which we heard giggling and when we went to see who was in there we found these little ones just laughing together. They thought that they were so clever! It was a great night.


To Mrs. Rudolf, who is retiring and Mrs. Fairwell, who is leaving our school, good bye, good luck and thanks for the year.

It's The Little Things In Life

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

As long as there are children there will be excitement over the little things in life, like licking the beaters.

Last Day Of School

Last week was the last week of dance, yesterday was the last piano lesson and today is the last day of school. This is the day that every kid looks forward. Summer is finally here and we are all so ready for the break. Let's hope the sun comes out to stay.

Piano Recital

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Saturday evening we attended Noelle and Bergen's piano recital at a little baptist church to which their teacher, Malea, belongs. Both sets of grandparents were able to come, as was my brother Keb and his fiance Jamie, who were in from Alberta. Noelle was so nervous that she started to cry and I thought that she was probably not going to get up, but with the help of her sweet teacher, as nervous as she was, she got up and played two songs beautifully and perfectly. When Bergen's turn came, Malea walked over towards him thinking that he would most likely need her help too, but that sweet little boy, being the youngest kid there, stood up and said, "Hi, my name is Bergen and I would like to play Copy Cat". He also did a perfect job. Anyone who knows Bergen, knows that public speaking is not something he does. I was so proud as a parent to see them do something even though they were so afraid. It is not only about playing a little song on the piano in front of people, it is about conquering fear and gaining confidence. Knowing that you can do hard things and each time getting a little more courageous, which will serve them for the rest of their lives. I am so happy for them as I know the pain of being a shy child. I want to provide my kids with experiences that will help them grow so that they can realize their potential and discover their talents and will not be afraid to try and try again if they fall short the first time. Congratulations Noelle and Bergen, job well done.

The Best Day Ever!

According to Bergen, today was the best day ever. Keeping in mind he says that whenever we do something he really enjoys, which as a parent is so rewarding to hear expressed from any one of the kids. But I must agree with him. We started the day by going to church, as we do every Sunday. We ate lunch when we got home. Afterwards we all went out into the back yard and just relaxed and watched the fish and the frogs in the pond. We then decided to go down to the beach, which is something that we all enjoy doing together. We just walk along and see what we can find on the shore and in the water. Never before have we found so much sea life as we did today. Darren and I both enjoy nature and want our kids to enjoy it as well. I love seeing them hold any number of creatures without fear. Going for walks with the kids on Sunday, whether on the beach or down the road is one of our favorite things to do. It is fun to see the kids learning and growing and expressing gratitude to God for all the things that he has created for us and a sacredness for life in general, be it bugs or fish or flowers.

End Of The Year Girls Party

On Friday, we had an end of the year party for the little girls in Noelle's class. All 12 of them were invited and all 12 came. It was so nice to have them all there.

My friend Jenn McNutt sells Stamping up card making and scrapbooking supplies. She also throws parties for people who are interested. I asked her if she would come and do some projects with the girls. She came and they made the cutest things. Each girl made a pad of paper, a doorknob hanger for their bedrooms and a scrapbbook to put pictures of their friends in. Following Jenn's instructions they all made their crafts, with no help from any adult. They did the most amazing job. I am so impressed with how well everything turned out. It was one of the best parties we have ever had. I just made the food and helped where I could. No entertainment or game preparation was needed on my part.

Noelle has taken a real interest in sewing. As a parent it is so fun to see her interests and talents emerge and it is something that she and I can share together. She wanted to sew something for each of her friends so we decided that it would be fun to sew a little bag for each girl that they could use to carry home their projects in and use later as well. She sewed 14 little pink bags, one for herself and her sister as well as her 12 guests. I helped her a bit with that, but for the most part she made them herself. She did an awesome job.

I love little girls. They were such a treat to have over and it was such a pleasure to do that for Noelle and all her friends. After the party Noelle asked if we could do it again next year. I think we are going to have to make it a tradition.

Dance Recital

The girls had their dance recital last weekend and they did such a great job. Even Tate, who being a 2 year old boy does not want to sit still for long, was very entertained by it all. It was a great show. The girls had a fantastic time. After the show, Tate gave each of his sisters a rose. He did it so fast that I didn't have time to get any pictures, but I must say it was the sweetest thing. Emma keeps on asking when she gets to go on the stage again. What a fun way to end the year of dance classes.

Tate And His Trucks

Tate loves trucks more than anything else. He always has a truck in his hand. He does everything with his trucks. They go to the park with him. They go beside his crib at bedtime. They are what he plays with when he is inside. They are what he plays with when he is outside. Tate is never very far from his trucks. He pushes his blanket around in his truck, he pushes his stuffed toys around in his truck and he even pushes his other trucks around in his truck. One day he decided that it would be so much more fun to continue his bath inside his dump truck. Yet another use for his truck. Funny boy!

Sports Day

Friday, June 13, 2008

Who doesn't love sports day! It is hot and sunny and you get to play outside and not do any school work. Today was no different. You can feel the excitement from all the kids as they participate in the different activities. See the pride on their face when they do something great, the disappointment when they fail and the courage to try again. It was so rewarding to watch the kids today and see all these emotions. It surprised me that it doesn't even need to be your own child's success, as a mom you feel the same joy for others as with your own, when they are struggling to do something and then finally succeed. What a fun day and WAY TO GO, everyone!