2 Months Old

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Nya is 2 months old and we love her more than ever!

Deck The Halls

Monday, December 15, 2008

My favorite season is winter and my favorite holiday is Christmas. Ever since I can remember I have been a Christmas fanatic. One of my most favorite things to do as a child and up until this day, is decorate the Christmas tree. I have to try and restrain myself until December 1st and I never make it. Every year we give each of our kids a new ornament for the tree as my grandparents and parents did before me. I love unwrapping each one and remembering where it came from. I love making it a family event and hopefully we are building memories, establishing traditions and instilling a love of Christmas in our children. Not that children need much help getting excited about Christmas. So even though I have to "fix" the tree after the they go to bed, as they love to put all matching ornaments on the same branch and only the bottom half of the tree gets decorated, it will remain my most favorite thing to do.


I love snow! I especially love the view from our house when it snows. I feel like I am in a ski chalet somewhere up in the mountains. The pictures don't do it justice. I love how everything seems to be quiet and people slow down. I love how beautiful everything looks covered in white. I love playing outside with the kids and then coming inside to warm up and drink some hot chocolate. And I loved being able to stay home all day yesterday in my warm cozy house, feeding my baby in the rocking chair and watching the snow fall outside my window. I am such an old lady and I love it! Somehow it just feels more like Christmas when there is snow.

Couches For Christmas

For Christmas dinner this year everyone is coming up to our house and we could not be more excited, with one exception. A few months ago Darren and I sold our sofas in order to get new ones. That was in September and we have yet to replace them with anything, for many reasons. For one thing we can't find exactly what we want, probably because we aren't sure what it is that we want and for another we are still saving for them. Enter dilemma. Where is everyone going to sit when they come for Christmas? I was looking on Used Victoria the other day I saw an ad with a sofa for sale in Victoria for $400. It was neutral and in decent shape so I showed Darren. I thought that we could purchase it and use it for Christmas and until we figured out what to get for the living room and even use it in another room after. Darren didn't really want to spend that much for something we didn't really love and that was only going to be temporary, so he looked around some more on Used Victoria and found the exact same sofa with a matching love seat for only $160 and it was located right here in Duncan. That's my guy! So even though they aren't what we really wanted, they look o.k. and work even better and when we are ready to buy something else we can always resell them and at the very least make our money back. I feel very blessed. Now what to do about the fact that they make my wall color look like something from a baby's diaper.

Your Dinner Is Served

Last Sunday Darren and I decided to give the kids the opportunity to make dinner for us. They were more than willing and they did such a fantastic job. We had fruit salad and yogurt. They even set the table without being asked. It was perfect and they were so very pleased with themselves. The first thing they did was ask if they could do it again tomorrow!


While looking back through some pictures the other day, I came across this one. Emma was painting at the kitchen table and I had to go upstairs for something. Soon after she came running up to inform me that Tate was painting himself. I quickly headed down, a little frustrated that I would have to, once again, clean up after another one of Tates adventures. When I reached the bottom of the stairs I saw him there in the middle of the table painting his tummy and every time he would stick the paint brush in his belly button he would giggle. I had to laugh and I no longer felt frustrated. I am thankful for little kids that help me lighten up a bit and enjoy life a little more.

The Perils Of The Ocean

Upon finding out that Darren was going surfing Emma said to me, "I don't think that is a very good idea, there's sharks.............................and seahorses!" Never mind that it is December and bitter cold and those sharks could pose a problem, but most of all look out for those seahorses! This from the only one of my children who WOULD hold the cockroach and let them place a gigantic centipede on her face while at the Bug Zoo.