we have a hole

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Tuesday September 20, 2016 we broke ground! It almost feels surreal. I wasn't sure this day would ever come. 

I arrived at the lot at 8:30 to a bunch of men standing in front of the first scoop of earth and a quiet machine. I jokingly asked if that was it for the day, to which my builder (who is also a dear friend) informs me that he had to shut down operations because they found bones. I ask with trepidation, "Animal or human?" "Human", he replies, "someone is on their way from Victoria right now." This is not unheard of where we live, as our valley is ancient first nations land. I am thinking this is going to cause a few hours delay, but no, he says we could be at a standstill for months! I was just about to turn around and walk back to my vehicle so that I could go home and cry in private, when four grown men analyze my face, my husband being one of then, and quickly realize that I absolutely and completely swallowed the pack of lies they had just served me on an already delicate string of hope that this house would ever get started. It was, in fact a joke, and I could NOT have been more relieved. I'm not sure that any other possible delay will phase me now! After the relief settled in and the laughing ended, we waited for the excavator operator to return with a hose for his machine, which was the real cause for the standstill. 15 minutes later we were back in business! 

Can you tell we are very happy to have a hole?

tree trimming

I feel as though nothing has happened and much has happened at the lot. We have been clearing and cleaning and hauling for months now, but it never seems to look very different, until you look back at how it began.

The lot was pretty heavily treed, which is one of the reasons I feel in love with it. Even though most of them would be coming down, some would remain and remind me of that enchanted feeling I had from the first moment I walked that property and knew without a doubt that somehow, someway it was meant for us and that we would indeed build a house there.

The trees that were left needed a good trim. 

There was a lot of old, dead growth.



And this maple! We wanted to save this maple. But after years of being surrounded by bigger trees, it grew long and lean to get that sun. At the advice of our tree guy we cut it down to what is now referred to by our builder as "the flagpole". 

We were promised a full tree in a few years. We'll see if we can wait that long. If not, it too will go, but for now it stays and we wait.

Tate then took over the documentation, 

I watched,

and Violet made dirt pies at my feet.

Apart from the fact that we actually get to build a house, what I love the very most is that we get to do this as a family. All of us pulling and sweating and building together. Faces do not always adorn a smile, but at the end of a long, dirty day we leave our lot reluctantly, knowing we have all had a hand in our future and (hopefully) forever home. I imagine my kids returning here in the years to come, to this very house, built with love by all of us. From the big boys who run the equipment to the little girls picking up sticks and playing in the dirt, this house is a labour of love.