The Remarkable Emily Carr

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

On Saturday I took Noelle, Bergen and Emma to the Chemainus Theatre to see a live performance of, The Remarkable Emily Carr. It was fantastic! With only a 2 person cast, they depicted the life of Emily Carr from birth to death, using a script taken from her own writings. We learned so much about this Victoria born, Canadian artist and published writer. Her life was fascinating, and I love how she was brought to life for my children. After the show we were given 2 for 1 tickets to tour her family home in Victoria. The kids can't wait to go. Looks like we already have our first field trip planned. 

1 step at a time

-almost done-


Monday, August 30, 2010

...we had a house filled with 8 children
we went to the park
we painted stairs
we ate popcorn
we played twister
we feed chickens
we made hair clips
we cried
we laughed
we got stung by a bee
we did puzzles
we got wet
we got dirty
we had fun!

we did NOT clean...

we will be back tomorrow with nicer pictures.

8 is enough

There is so much I want to blog about, my stairs, the Chemainus Theatre, chickens - but for tonight I am too tired. I had 8 children under 10 here today and not 1 surface of my house survived the attack.
My 3 visitors are gone, my 10 chickens and 5 children are in bed for the night, my 1 husband helped me clean the house, and I am ready to collapse. It was a pleasure to have them though. I am glad they came! Goodnight. I will be back tomorrow.

Got Bleach?

Friday, August 27, 2010

 At least they try to wash their hands.

Barbershop in the Bathtub

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Bubbles are just fun!

The Stairs

Ever since we moved into this house 4 years ago I have wanted to paint the wooden hand rail and add some molding to the stairs. It has always just looked unfinished. I have been putting it off as I knew it would be a long and tedious job. But I finally decided to tackle it and although I had to tape around EVERYTHING, I am so glad I did.
I finished the one side and now I just have to finish the other side. But it is coming along! 

Flying the Coop

Up until yesterday our little chicks (that aren't quite so little anymore), were in our bathroom (contained, but still). This wasn't an issue when they were 4 days old, but now at 4 weeks, they are welcome in my en suite no longer. This was an problem because they are still too young to be put with the older birds in the chicken coop and we have no where else to keep them safe. We needed to come up with another option for the next 6-8 weeks. So last night this is what I built! Pretty, no. Functional and super exciting because it means that I would no longer have birds in my bathroom, YES!

The Last Straw

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I was at Superstore today and I saw these really cute straws for 99 cents, and I thought, I don't have straws, I should get some for the kids {they are always asking if we have straws} and just to have on hand for get-togethers. Who doesn't love straws! They just make everything taste better. {Oh, and for the record I am a notorious straw bitter. So much so, that if Darren and I share a drink he will ALWAYS get 2 straws. Not for germs, oh, no - but because I bite!}
Anyways, I bought 6 packages {well o.k. I bought 12, but the other six packages were a different color, so it really doesn't count}. It wasn't until I got home and I was looking for a place to put them that I realized that each package contains 200 straws! I am sure that you can do the math - do you think I got enough?! 
Months ago, I bought these 3 metal nesting containers at Liquidation World. I use the biggest one for a trash can in the main bathroom, and the medium one is being used in the kids bathroom and I had the smallest one sitting on the bookshelf, looking pretty but not really doing anything. So I used it. It fit all 6 packages of straws perfectly! Now whenever the kids want a straw, they are ready and available.

Can We Build It? Yes We can!

I have come to the conclusion that if I have to wait for Darren to do everything for me, I will be waiting a long time (he is always willing, but my list his long and his time is short).
My dad had 3 sons and 1 daughter. He was always building something, and it was his daughter, not his sons that wanted to learn how to use his tools to create things. Since I got married, I passed the torch to Darren to build things for me. It is about time I started learning again and did some things myself. I had a couple of projects I wanted to do this week, so I got to work. He helped me figure out a few things and he showed me how to use some of his bigger tools, but I did it! I feel like a 4 year old! Darren was actually quite sweet - I think he felt proud and protective all at the same time. He even said at one point, "I like seeing you use the air nailer, it's kinda cool!"(this is a tool that I don't like to be within 10 feet of, normally).
I will show you what I built tomorrow. It is not the prettiest thing that will ever grace my blog, but it was needed, it is functional and I BUILT IT MYSELF!

Sweet Emma took these pictures of me (it was her V.I.P. tonight). She thought it was pretty funny that mom was using the tools and not dad!

$80 I Didn't Spend On Magazines

Monday, August 23, 2010

I love looking through home decor magazines - I don't always love paying 6 - 12 dollars for them, when I usually end up only liking a couple of the pictures and articles. If it is a really good one, then I will happily buy it. But remember you can borrow them from the library. They usually have a pretty good selection to choose from. 
Now there are those out there that will borrow a magazine and rip out a picture to keep. Don't do that. Borrow, get inspired and return the whole magazine, so that others can enjoy it too!

Sunday Evenings

Sunday evenings are one of my favorite times of the week. Before the children go to sleep for the night we all climb onto our bed and Darren reads to them from the Illustrated Scriptures - the children call them picture scriptures. They love it.

After we are finished putting them all to bed, Darren and I alternate weeks sharing something with the other. This week we read this article from the Ensign.

Even if we have both already read the article, it is so different to be able to read it together and then talk about it. We usually end up talking for hours about the most important area's of our lives. I love this time to just be quite and still with Darren. This is the time when we refocus on where we are headed as a couple and as a family. This is the time that we strengthen forces for another week. This is a time we once again become united - in goals, in thoughts, in parenting, in purpose. There is still laundry to fold and dishes to wash and a million other things that need to be done, but they will have to wait until Monday morning. For this is a day of rest.

A Step Up

Friday, August 20, 2010

I have had this box sitting in my pantry for about 6 months. I wanted to paint it before I put it together. The problem was I wanted to paint it white and my cupboards are not white. This is most obvious when something truly white is placed right up against them. Sometimes white and off white work really well together, but in this case it made my kitchen cupboards look old and dirty. Not the look I am going for. So today, after seeing the box in my pantry for the hundredth time, I decided to paint it gray with some paint that I already had in the house. It turned out nice. And the thing I love about painted wood furniture is that it can easily be repainted another color if ever I want to change the look. For now, at least, it is out of the box and ready to be used.

You just know, ya know

Thursday, August 19, 2010

4 years ago I asked everyone in sight (my close friends who I knew were done having babies), "How do you know when you are done, really done?" To which they all said, "You just know!" That didn't help me at all. I wanted to KNOW! and I didn't. The problem was I wanted to be done - because I felt too old, because I felt too tired, because I felt too weak to survive another pregnancy. Not because I didn't want a brand new, perfect little baby straight from heaven - I will never be done wanting that. The problem was I wasn't done. Darren and I knew, without a doubt that there was another little girl that was meant just for us, for our family and her presence could be felt from the other side. She was ours already and always, from the beginning. This is something that I have felt with each of our children, but as our family got bigger, the promptings got stronger. It was as if He was telling me, "I know your tired but this will be so good for you. This will make you really happy. Don't stop yet!"
So we took a leap of faith. We leaped into the unknown, as everyone does every time they welcome a new addition into their families. We had hope that somehow we would get through the debilitating first few months of pregnancy, that somehow we would be strong enough to care for 5 kids, that somehow we would have enough energy to get up at night again, that somehow things would just work out.
We did make it through. Some days were hard, some days were good, and somehow she made it here - perfect and pink and ever so sweet! Since her birth she has brought nothing but joy. We needed her, all of us. There is no question in my mind that I was meant to have every one of the children I now have. As much as I can try and plan out my life, sometimes God has another plan, and I will always be grateful for the tender mercies of a loving Father in heaven that knows what I need better that I do.
I had a dream last night that I had another baby. It was a perfect little boy, beautiful and sweet, but it did not feel right. I questioned in my dream what had happened. Nya had been our perfect end to the family that was perfect for us. Another baby was not part of the plan. Then I woke up and breathed a sigh of relief as I realized that it was only a dream.
The first few months of Nya's life I have never felt better.  But I also felt baby hungry. Now in hindsight I am able to see what that was - a realization that Nya was our last and that she was growing all too quickly and that I had only a very short time left with a baby in my arms. It is very bittersweet, the end of those child bearing years, but I know, I KNOW that we are done - absolutely and completely. And it is a peaceful place to be.
So I am here to tell all of you that may be wondering, Am I done?, you will just know, ya know. And if you don't know, it's probably not over yet. I hope you will recognize that as divine guidance that someone super special, that is meant just for you, is waiting for their turn!

The importance of role models

My kids think these guys are just the coolest - and I think that is the greatest!

Just a funny thing

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I have 5 children. 
Every one of them has hair that parts on the left. 
My part is on the right. 
Darren's part is on the left.


Normally I ask the kids to close the door at least a dozen times a day. Normally I have the air conditioning on during the summer. Normally we need to keep the door shut so that Nya doesn't escape. But today is not a normal day. Today it is cooler outside than in. Right now Nya is down for a nap. So before the heat wave comes back and the baby wakes up I am opening my door and enjoying the fresh air and the cool breeze!

Drinking Jars

Ever since I was introduced to drinking jars, 8 years ago by my friend Frankie, I have been (casually) on the look out for them. Last Saturday, while I was in Canadian Tire buying critter proof metal garbage cans for the chicken food, I spotted them on display. These are just the greatest. I love the look of them, the kids think that they are so fun and they are made from really durable, strong, thick glass. Perfect for my table and my children! Just think how cute they would be at a BBQ or a birthday party with some fresh lemonade and a colorful straw.