Halloween 2008

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween was very low key this year as we just had our new baby. My mom helped out with getting the costumes together. Darren and Grandpa McCullough took the kids out trick or treating. I stayed home and rested . Darren even purchased a few fireworks to set off afterwards. Noelle wanted to dress up as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, but I left it too late and by the time my mom took her out shopping the Dorothy costumes were all gone, so she happily settled for being a ladybug. Bergen was given a snake costume from a friend at school, which he was more than happy to be. Emma was a butterfly. When I asked Tate what he wanted to be for Halloween, suggesting maybe a dog, I thought that would be something easy for my mom to find as she shopped, he said that he wanted to be an elephant. Why, out of everything that he could be did he think of an elephant, I don't know. Since he had thought of that all by himself though, I wanted to do my best to make that happen. And my mom did it, the night before Halloween she found an elephant costume and I must say I think that Tate turned out to be quite a cute elephant. The kids thought that Nya should be able to dress up was well, even though she was staying home. So we wrapped her up in her pink blanket and put some pipe cleaners through her hat and she was a little pink caterpillar. Everyone had a fun evening and I am grateful for all the help from loved ones who made it happen.


  1. Looks like another fun Halloween. We had fun too.

    Noelle looks as though she grew up a little. Her face is looking more grown up.

    Too fast!!!!

  2. Hi Shelli,
    thanks for the message! And congrats to you and your family on baby Nya!! She is adorable! I cant wait to meet her!