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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Boxing day is just one of my favorite days! I love going out with sisters and friends and finding a few treasures for a really great deal. For me it is not about the things, but the energy, the deals and the people I'm with! I had fun this year with my sister-in-law Shannon. We went only 2 places (Superstore & Home Sense- what else do you need), but I found some fun things!

Ingredients for a successful trip:
1. DO NOT take children or a husband (unless he enjoys shopping)
2. Check out the things ahead of time that you would like but wouldn't pay full price for
3. Go with a limit (it is possible to go overboard, you could end up with something that you usually wouldn't ever choose, just because it is a good deal)
4. Go with someone who can be objective, but most of all fun!
5. DO NOT take children or husband
6. DO NOT take children or husband

Have fun!

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  1. Cute Stuff! I love the candle stands! Excellent recipe for success on boxing day.