October's end

Saturday, November 3, 2012

 By the end of October we seem to be settling deep into fall. 
The whether is changing, the daylight decreasing.
We fall father into books, the handi-crafts come out, and we begin to embrace winters arrival. 

With the help of some videos, the kids and I set out to perfect our bread making skills.

Fresh bread and warm soup is had for dinner.

A stack of wood awaits. Christmas is coming. 

Tate helps Darren set up a quilting frame. 

Egg production is slowing down. Chickens settle in for winter.

Leaves - everywhere I look, are gathered by children, and pressed between the pages of books.

Lights are turned off and candles lit. Warm drinks are poured and board games pulled out.

And on the very last day, dad ends it all with a bang, as is tradition. 
Fireworks are launched for wide, excited eyes. 

Summer has faded long ago. A new season begins. 
And we welcome all the gifts it offers.