Finished, At Last!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Darren, Michael and I went to Ikea a couple of weekends ago (thanks to Fred who lent us his truck and Julianne who held down the fort). I just love that blue and yellow sign! I am now a sofa owner again - after 2 years without them! I also finished the painting I started back in November. I made curtains out of drop cloths from Home Depot for CHEAP. I got some beautiful side tables from Walmart...yes, Walmart! I think the living room is finally finished (except for a book shelf that Darren is going to build for us). Our main living area went from being a place we never used to a place that we all love to sit and read or play games or legos on the carpet. I am so grateful for my husband and all the hard work he puts in for us and our home. I love sharing this house, this life with him.
One thing off my list, 100 more to go!
The pictures are not the best as I took them at night and let's face it, as much as I would like to be, I am not a professional photographer by any stretch of the imagination - someday when I have the time and $ for a really nice camera, I will have Shannon teach me how. Where is Shannon when I need her - she can make a bowl of chips look like a piece of art! (I've got to try those by the way)


  1. Can you please come decorate my house?! Absolutely beautiful!! Now I want a complete house tour!!

  2. those are walmart tables!! My round side tables are from walmart too, but aren't nearly as nice!

  3. GORGEOUS! It is so happy and pretty!

  4. It just looks so great, Shelli. I can hardly wait to sit in that living room. Soon, I hope.