bathroom update

Thursday, May 19, 2011

This room is just taking FOREVER! But in the end I am grateful. I have been able to really think and re-think my choices which have changed, again and again. It is coming along though. And I hope that we will be completely done in a couple of weeks.

We ordered a faucet from ebay for 1/3 of the price as the same 1 here. It always makes me nervous though because I don't get to see it in person before purchase. 
It arrived. And it is just what I hoped it would be.

We now have the sink and the faucet. I have 2/3 of the room painted. Darren put up the light and started building the new cabinet. I hung the mirror. Things are slowly, very, very slowly getting checked off the list. 

 I had my sister-in-law {thank you Shannon} pick me up a light from Lowes in the States, but that was 1 of the things I changed my mind on and it will now be used for another project I have on my to-do list!
The light below I found at Home Depot. Can I just tell you how much I love this new light. I searched high and low, here and there and EVERYWHERE for a light I liked at a decent price.

disclaimer: I know when someone is sharing a renovation of their home on their blog I am always so excited to see the end result. I have by no means meant to build up this bathroom to be something super special. It is and always will be just a bathroom, but a bathroom that is a little more us than was here before.

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  1. Love the faucet! Sounds like it was worth getting from ebay. well done :)
    Looks good so far!