"Nothing is impossible. The word itself says, "I'm possible"! ~Audrey Hepburn

Thursday, February 21, 2013

A few times a week at least, I remind one or another of my children, when they say, "I can't . . . ", that anything is possible. When they argue the point - for example, "man cannot fly, mom!" - I hop onto the internet and show them a video of "Jet Man" on TED Talks. "Still, he cannot fly by himself, mom", they say. "Yes, that is true," I respond, "But the point wasn't that he could do it by himself, the point is that he can do it!

And such is life - we cannot do anything by ourselves. If you believe in a God, which we do, without a doubt, and you understand His nature, you understand that He has given us the air we breath, the strength to carry on, and the means wherewith to do whatever we can imagine. The point never was whether we could do something incredible by ourselves, the point is that we can do incredible things, with whatever help is necessary.

My daughter has taken quite an interest to pinterest. I have two very conflicting feelings about this. But that is not what this post is about . . . . On the plus side she finds these incredible quotes. She never fails to run and find me to share them with me (such as, most recently, the title of this post). Why? She feels something when she reads them. Likewise, I feel a strong desire to share things with others that have impacted my mind or my heart. Also, she knows that I will appreciate them, every bit as much as she does. Why? Because I have taught her what I value . . .

I believe in happily ever afters. I believe in fairy book endings. I believe we can accomplish anything we set our minds to. I believe we have little understanding of our potential. I believe in the goodness of humanity. I believe in a power above my own. I believe in a Maker with a plan. I believe that war can cease to exsist. I believe that no one need go hungry. I believe that suffering can be comforted and the helpless can become hopeful. I believe that we are what we think we are, and we can become whatever we dream we can. I believe in impossible missions and unlimited purpose. I believe we are our brothers keepers. I believe that we are instruments in the hands of God.

And even though most days I feel my words fly like pollen blown too hard over tiny flowers, passing right by my intended target, they are getting through. Those tiny, sunshine-colored molecules of hope are fulfilling their intended purpose - to fertilize young minds in preparation for greatness. That is what I believe lies in my children - in all children - greatness - the capability to change the world. Not in some abstract way, but real one-person-can-change-the-world change. And even if they choose never to believe me, never to open their hearts and their minds to this idealistic vision I carry, they will, with certainty know, that they had a mother who believed in impossible dreams. That alone may be enough.

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