Ode to Sunshine {Inspired by Dr. Seuss and The Cat in the Hat}

Friday, May 31, 2013

The sun did not shine.
It was too wet to play.
So we sat in the house 
All that cold, cold, wet day.

We sat there together.
We sat there, us all.
Only dad worked outside 
As the rain, it did fall.

For five days it poured.
For five days it rained.
Until our poor mother
Thought she might go insane.

She schooled us and schooled us
'Til we each had enough.
What we need, our dear mother
Is more interesting stuff.

Books are amazing, 
Books are such fun.
But what children like best
Is to play in the sun.

We read books of adventure,
Learn of lands far away,
But the way we learn best
Is to put books into play.

We dig down to China,
Find treasure in sand.
We travel to Hogwarts -
 What a magical land.

From up in the tree tops
We spy pirates at sea.
Grab your swords mates, get ready -
Black Beard it may be!

These games can be played 
While inside the house.
But, dear mother, we've noticed
Your hair falling out.

We are noisy and loud
As you full well know.
 Our imaginations, dear mother 
They need room to grow.

One day, no problem,
Quite possibly two.
But five days of rain?
That will just never do. 

Just when we thought 
Our dear mother would crack,
We woke up this morning
And what had come back?

Birds where chirping and singing
Way up in the trees,
For the sun had returned.
We all felt so pleased.

We are leaving the house!
Our dear mother exclaimed.
We are driving away 
Before someone gets maimed.

Pack your bags, get your shoes
Grab a snack so your fed.
We will not be returning 
'Til the sun goes to bed.

Then sweet little children,
When your good and sleepy,
We'll come back to our house.
I no longer feel weepy!

Upstairs we will climb,
And your prayers will be said.
I will kiss you all sweetly
And tuck you in bed.

Then, my dear children,
My thanks I'll express,
For this day of sunshine -
Dear Lord, I feel blessed.

I thank thee for rain.
It waters our crops.
The problem is simply
When it just will not stop.

The sunshine you see, 
It does so much more
 Than to simply feed plants.
It makes spirits soar!

Now children grow strong 
From the foods they consume. 
But the sunshine they get, 
It drives away gloom.

If you want happy children, 
And a mother that's sane,
Add lots of sunshine,
Instead of just rain. 


  1. You are hilarious, Shelli!!! Perfectly expressed and truly funny.