a mother's intuition and a bouncing baby boy

Friday, November 1, 2013

Five out of five - those are pretty good odds. Never have I been wrong! I have known somehow, somewhere inside what each and every child I grew under my heart was going to be before any test or medical professional confirmed my feelings.

When I was expecting my first child they would not tell me whether the baby was a girl or a boy, but so confident was I that we decorated every inch of the nursery with the expectation of pigtails. As my due date approached, I had one moment of panic as I stood in her room and realized that I did not know for sure. What if our baby was a boy? Nevertheless, 10 days late, Noelle finally blessed our lives and started our family with a much anticipated daughter. 

The second time around, they refused to inform us once again, but my feelings were just as strong - and I was right, it was a boy. And my heart was happy.

For number 3, I wanted another little girl. I did not care for myself; I longed for Noelle. I grew up with three brothers and lovely as they are, I wanted desperately a sister for my daughter. And a sister she got. Although, once again they would not tell me, I knew, and I hoped even more! 

Number 4, a boy of course. Bergen was most sure of this, and he wanted to name his brother T-Rex! What four year old boy wouldn't? This time, though, they told, but we kept it between the two of us, and Bergen. I didn't think it too dangerous. I figured if he did tell, he was only four after all and he was already telling people when they asked that he wanted a brother, so it would most likely not be taken as reliable information. When I told him that it was a boy, a brother for him, he very nonchalantly said, "I know", as did I before confirmation.

And there our family ended . . . for a while anyhow. Until the day we could no longer ignore the feeling that started out small and grew to a pounding in our hearts that another girl was to join our family. Could it be? How could I ever be so blessed as to have 2 sons and 3 daughters! 3 little girls. I truly felt that the Lord was compensating generously for the whole in my soul left there by the lack of sisterhood in my life with 3 girls of my own! And a girl it was.

Now we were complete! Yes, for almost 5 years, until that all too familiar knocking began again. And according to intuition, we were about to even the playing field with another boy - I was sure! The pattern we had started would continue on and at 6 we would finally be complete, for now and forever. But by number 6, it actually took much of the fun out of things. As cool as it is to know within myself, and helpful in the planning and decorating department, by number 6 the thought of being surprised was appealing! I have never had a pregnancy when I felt as though I had no feelings as to what I was having. The idea is so very foreign to me. 

And with each baby my confidence grew. 

So sure was I that when ultrasound time came around, I went in knowing what they would say, "It's a boy." Yes, of course it's a boy. Like every other time before, the thought went through my mind, You don't really have to tell me, because somehow, someway, I already know. But they would not tell us. We would have to wait for the report to make it to my doctor. Then she would confirm my suspicions.

One week later . . . her words rang in my head . . . "Are you sure?" I said. No, you must be mistaken because I am always right.

But boy oh boy, one of us is wrong.  According to the ultrasound, it's me.


  1. Yeayyyyy!! I am so excited for you guys! I love the way you told the kids. Love you guys

  2. Congratulations!!!! What sweet news. Beautiful job on the cake!

  3. Congrats! Another little girlie to join in on the fun!

  4. I had a feeling it would be so! You're great. Such happy news.

  5. I'm glad I finally did some blog reading! Congratulations!!

  6. Yay!!! That is so exciting, congrats to you guys!