Sunday Naps, A Thing Of The Past

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Naps have got to be VERY, VERY close to the top of my 'favorite things to do' list. I am sad to report that I almost never get to enjoy this pass time anymore. But every once in a while, on a Sunday afternoon, Darren will say "Why don't you go for a nap". I don't need to be told twice. Tate, who no longer takes regular naps, will come and join me. I am not one who enjoys sleeping with kids, but I LOVE this. He goes right to sleep and does not move, at all! I love seeing his sweet face when I wake up, I love that boy!


  1. I am enjoying my naps with the girls while they last. It won't be too long before these days are over.

  2. Jackson is the best little boy to curl up and sleep with. It's so sad to me that he is growing up and getting too big for that sort of stuff.