The Cutest 25 Cents I Ever Spent

Thursday, April 15, 2010

This is me trying to take a picture of Nya in the little green boots as she tries to take the camera from me
This is Nya having a tantrum and running away because I would not let her have the camera

When Noelle was a year old and starting to walk I wanted to get her some little shoes that were just for going outside to play, so I did not want to spend alot of money or even get something I really liked because then I would feel a desire to keep them clean, defeating the whole purpose. Back then Darren and I lived in Darren's parents basement suite and we loved to go to garage sales as we were poor. When I say poor I mean that we did not own a house or have a lot to our names, but we had everything that we needed - we were happy! One Saturday while we were out with our little 1 year old, in our little Honda Civic, with my little pregnant belly (Bergen) we can across some little green boots. They were the smallest rubber boots that I had ever seen, they fit Noelle perfectly and they cost 25 cents. Sold! Those little green boots have been through Noelle, Bergen, Emma and Tate and now it is Nya's turn. When I look back on the early days of our married life I am filled with absolute joy as I remember those simplistic times - the fresh new beginning of a family. I would not trade those poor, apartment living days for anything. Now that we have a house and the children and everything else we imagined for ourselves (not only material) I am not a happier person because of it. Grateful, yes, very. Happier - no. I am in the place that I imagined myself being, almost exactly, over a decade ago. Only now that I am here can I look back and see what we had - everything and nothing all at the same time. I loved being poor, but it's hard to be poor and feed five kids so I also love having everything that we need and most things we want. We have been so blessed, so blessed. With the children in particular. Five gorgeous, amazing kids, healthy and strong and we have been blessed with the means to provide, always, for them. Those little green boots will forever be a tangible reminder of a life that seems almost a lifetime ago, of a simpler time. They will help me remember that sometimes when you have nothing, if you look around you will see that you actually have everything, everything that is important. They will symbolize my dreams of what was ahead of us as we planned out our lives together and what is now behind me, sweet memories to cherish. When I am old and grey and I look back upon my life I will always remember my little babies in those little green boots and smile! They are truly the best 25 cents that I ever spent.


  1. You are such a beautiful writer. It is a gift and I think you should write a book. You make things so touching and poetic. I love it.

  2. Oh Shelli ! You are just my favourite ! I remember looking through old pictures with my Aunty Rachel once, and they lived in a little town house when they were first married - they didn't have a vaccuum so they used to sweep the carpet HAHA. I just can't wait to grow up and be poor. I never thought anyone would understand what I mean when I say that, but now I know it really will be all I hope for! Haha, I just love you !