Socks Aren't Just For Your Feet

Thursday, April 15, 2010

It was Emma's 7th birthday yesterday. Noelle and I made her a pair of sock monkey's. Emma had been admiring Noelle's sock monkey that she made with a pair of socks and instructions that she received for her birthday back in January from a friend. They are the cutest things! Emma loves them and Noelle gave her sister something homemade and heart felt!


  1. Those are the cutest monkeys ever!
    Happy Birthday Emma!
    Are they hard to make?? I'd love to make one!

  2. I have some cute socks of the girls that I would love to make a monkey out of too. Could we have a monkey making party, please.

  3. You are the cutest thing ever! Your blog is cute, your family's cute, your home is amazing. You are one "on top of it" chica! Thanks for tracking me down. We enjoyed you and your family as well. I'm so jealous you get to be so close to our favorite family.

    And yes, these sock monkeys are precious!