a very "Good Friday"

Saturday, March 30, 2013

I've gotta say I'm grateful, for so many simple things today.

First of all I am grateful for all those who use their clever minds and come up with the best ideas and the cutest crafts ever, and then feel free to share with the world via Pinterest.

It doesn't matter one speck to the children that it wasn't I who came up with the ideas. 

We find, we make, we bond.

And thanks to all those pinners out there I am one cool mom in the eyes of five.

I don't get the credit. I don't need the credit. Life is made a whole lot simpler and much, much more fun thanks to Pinterest.

I am grateful for Rice Krispies and chocolate eggs . . .

. . . and for oil that kept the marshmallows from sticking to our hands.

I am grateful for white eggs . . .

. . . and bright colors.

 And this most brilliant idea for dying eggs with little helpers: put the hard boiled egg into a whisk and let them at it!

  I am grateful for eggs cartons.

To the maker of this "Easter Egg Hunt" board game, I am grateful.  
 The kids had fun playing with this for hours, seriously - hours!

I am grateful for paper plates and yellow paint and googly eyes.

I am grateful for girls who want to bake with me, for flour and yeast, for hot cross buns, straight out of the oven.

I am grateful for felt and thread and colored ribbon . . . 

. . . and these sweet Easter bunnies.
(They dubbed themselves the "Bunny Bun Bandits")

I am grateful for the sunshine that was beaming down, bright and hot today,
and that everything is beginning to grow. 

Most of all I am grateful for this Easter weekend, for the sacrifice of our Savior, Jesus Christ, and for the family I get to spend my life with with. 

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