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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

"You are a poopy!" 

This is her new favorite thing to say. I hear it several times a day. I have never had a problem with a potty mouth child before, not as consistently as is the case with this one anyhow. 

So far nothing I have tried is working. 

I work hard to teach my children to be kind, and take care of their siblings. 

Truth be told (although I won't ever admit it to her) most of the time when she says it, someone is acting rather poopy! 

We will keep working at it.

I have been chilled to the bone since coming home from Hawaii. 
I have not been able to adjust very well. We were only gone seven days. 
I think it is all in my head. Even so, I miss being HOT! 

But spring is here. And it brings many good things. 

The frogs are coming out . . . 

. . . And boys are coming in from a good, long play outdoors (right where little boys should be!) VERY DIRTY!

Along with frogs those dirty little hands carry spring's first flowers. 

My heart is grateful to bursting every time one of these boys gives me a freshly picked flower. 


My children have a particular fascination with umbrellas, as I am sure most kids do. 
I, however, dread spending money on something I just know (without a doubt) will be broken within days. 
But when I saw these in the dollar store, I did not mind in the least spending that looney on a girl who has patiently waited for one for about a year now. 

So far, so good. 

It goes with her, rain or shine, to the library, to the grocery store, while playing games with her momma, and even to bed! One of the most rewarding dollars I ever spent. 

We were able to go to the airport and welcome home one of our most favorite people. 
After two long years serving a mission, Kevin is home! We love you. 

Everyday I am grateful for a safe, warm, comfortable home in which to raise my family. 
Some days, however, I feel squished. We have five children in two bedrooms.  
One room housing three girls and all their stuff can become quite cramped. 
We do not have the space, nor do I have the personality to be pack-rattish. 
We regularly purge and organize. 
This is the only way we don't drown in our things, and I stay sane.  

Most of the time we do a pretty good job at keeping things tidy . . . 

. . . sometimes we don't. And we go to bed too tired to pick up.

 Although only two share this space - the same goes for the boys room. Our goal (or should I say 
my goal) is to be neat and organized - but some nights it is just easier to admit defeat and go to bed! 

  They do ask sometimes you know - If they can have their own rooms. As if rooms just appear when you beckon. I look them in the eyes, give them a smile and ask, 
"Would you trade your brothers and sisters for your own room?" They always say, "No!" 

But somehow when children are tucked into their beds for the night, and I go around and kiss each one, It does not seem so tight, it just seems perfect for us.

 My house is in desperate need for a fresh coat of paint . . . everywhere.

I started with the mantle. It was painted to look antique and rustic, which was cute 
seven years ago when we moved in, but over the years it has just begun to look old and dusty. 

It turned out really beautifully. It inspired a furniture rearrangement and new accessories. 
Not new really, I shopped the house, moved some things around, tried painting my coffee table, twice (which for the record did not work out, 
it has now, once again, been painted white) it feels like a fresh, new, clean space.  

We have been busy as ever attempting to homeschool. 
We learned all about edges, faces, and vertices today. 

 That led to castle building, naturally!

Happy spring, and everything else.

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  1. Shelli, you are awesome. As in, I am in total awe of you! I think you're just wonderful and I really admire you.

    I also love that quotation you pictured "Always be kinder than you feel". Sigh. It feels like--and is!--a never ending struggle to be the person I want to be. It's like I finally feel I'm making progress in one area and then am brutally reminded of every other area that desperately needs attention and improvement. But I guess that's better than being content with mediocre, right?

    Love you! xo