18 days-

Monday, December 6, 2010

This is not my living room - but I do think it is one of the best examples of simple and elegant beauty that can be achieved with just a few well chosen elements. This my not be to everyone's taste, but it is absolutely mine. And since this is my blog I will look at this picture and imagine living in my white, dream house and going downstairs with my excited little Christmas angels to sit around the fire and open presents in this happy room. But I will also be grateful for what I have and I will remember that as long as I am with my family, it does not matter where we live or what our house looks like. It is the people we love and the condition of our hearts that will make this time of year memorable for years to come. As long as I focus on this, and choose to truly believe it, than I am allowed to dream!
Whatever your style, I wish for you to be surrounded by loved ones and the things that make Christmas beautiful and special for you. 
I recently read a quote that I hope to remember for my whole life, "A beautiful thing is never perfect". May we all remember this especially at this time of year, and in this world of competition and comparison as we celebrate the birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ and contemplate the conditions of that first Christmas morning - that such perfection was brought into this world under such humble imperfect circumstances. What a beautiful gift we have been given - the only one of us who is perfect, and came to show us the way. Not to fame or beauty or riches - but to a simple peace. A peace that the most imperfect among us can be blessed with - making us most beautiful. 

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