Scent of a Woman

Sunday, December 5, 2010

The other night Darren and I were able to go out on a date! As we arrived home and where putting the house to sleep for the night, Tate woke up and came downstairs and gave me a big sleeply hug. As I was holding him with his face snuggled into my neck he said to me, "You smell different." I asked him if it was good or bad, to which he replied that it was, "a good different". So naturally I asked him, "What do I normally smell like - good or bad?" He said, "good....but different!"
I love that. I have a little boy who loves me and came down to give me a huge hug. I have a little boy who knows how his mom smells and is so familiar with that smell that he noticed when I put something different in my hair. I love knowing that he could recognize his momma just by the scent of a woman.

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