Wednesday, June 1, 2011

....I should have done the laundry. I should have done the dishes. I should have vacuumed the floors. I should have done some end of the year school reports. I should have been finishing the master bathroom. Instead I painted the front door. It is not drastically different. Actually I wondered if Darren would even notice. He did. And he loves it. In fact he said that he likes it much better than the previous color and that he never really liked that color to begin with. He never told me that, and he never would have if it had remained. But since it changed, he felt he could. That is just the kind of guy he is!
Thank you Rachel for the color sample, and the kid watching while I went to go and buy the paint, and for the company while I sat on your front porch until Darren could come and jump start the van so I could get home to paint the door, just as the rain began to fall. But I painted anyways - and the sun came out and dried up all the paint and the itsy-bitsy front door was put back together again!

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  1. The colour is lovely Shelli! Are you in Maple Bay? Such a lovely area if you are!
    I can peek through your window here and i love the iron spindles on your staircase!