little inventors

Thursday, December 1, 2011

We have been having some fun with these books, learning all about Leonardo daVinci and his incredible inventions. 

Last week we wrote secret messages using water and baking soda. 
The kids got pretty creative and instead of using the paintbrushes I provided they disappeared for a few minutes and came back with q-tips stuck in the ends of feathers (understandably so - it's simply more authentic) 

When the paper dried it looked perfectly blank.

But, once you add the lemon juice, slowly, the words start to appear.

Today we made parachutes fashioned after daVinci's design. We also learned that although he was never able to test it from great heights, in July of 2000 a man named Adrian Nicholas built and tested a model following daVinci's instructions, and using supplies and tools that would have been available in his day. With the safety of a back-up parachute he jumped 3000 meters above ground out of a hot air balloon. He stated that it gave a smoother ride than the modern parachute. 
The best part - they really did work. Not all of our experiments do. But, I suppose, Mr. daVinci knew what he was doing!

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