from mother to daughter

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Every year we buy a new Christmas tree ornament for each of our children. This tradition began with my grandma Spalla, my mom's mom, and my mom has continued this on with me. The first ornament she bought for me was on November 26, 1997. It was purchased in the gift shop aboard one the BC ferries, as we all traveled home just hours after Darren and I had been married. We didn't even have a tree, but I carefully packed it away for the future. Since that first year of marriage my mom has added something special to my collection. 

I now share this tradition with my children. Every year, as we open our boxes of decorations and unwrap each one, I hear the children's excitement as they show one another their ornaments and remember all the years past. Each one is lovingly and thoughtfully placed on our tree. This year several of the kids have designated a 'section' of tree for all their ornaments. Not only is our tree filling up with ornaments, but with so many special memories as well!

(BC Ferries moose - Christmas 1997)


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  2. I have your new one for this year. I will mail it this week. I hope you like it as much as I do.Love you baby girl!!!