at last

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I am not a hairdresser, and I will never profess to have hair savvy abilities, but when it comes to paying for a haircut for the children or trying to do it myself, I will try and do it myself. If I mess up too terribly bad, I will humbly go into the salon and have someone fix my sad attempt. But so far it has worked out alright. It is never perfect, but I have also paid for less than perfection, and that hurts a whole lot more than free.
Noelle has been wanting her hair cut for a while now, but I have been stalling and putting her off, for the above reasons. Also, she is not little anymore, well she's little, but she's not. And she wanted a big girl haircut. I was not so sure I could do what she wanted. So 3 loooooong months later I gave in. It is her hair after all and she seemed to trust in me a little more than maybe she should. So cut we did!




  1. It looks gorgeous!! Good job Shelli! You would never know that a professional didn't cut it :)

  2. It turned out great!! What kind of scissors do you use, just curious?

  3. Noelle looks Beautiful! Shelli, you did a excellent job! Bravo :)