when I'm 3 I'll be queen of the world

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

 Dear Nya, You turned 3 this Sunday. 3 years old! 

Noelle and Emma prepared gifts for you well before your birthday, and the morning of your birthday you asked me if you could open them. I told you that you needed to go and ask your sisters. You ran to the top of the stairs and yelled down to them as they were eating their breakfast, "SISTERS... SISTERS, SISTERS...... SISTERS! until they came up.

Nya, When you are grown and have a little one of your own, and you wonder what you were like when you were 3 I would want you to remember:
  1. You love all things pink.
  2. You love to sing and dance.
  3. When you are upset at someone I will hear you say, "YOU ARE A RUDIE!" (your way of telling them that they are acting rude).
  4. You love having your toe nails painted.
  5. You love playing with your siblings (when they are not being rudies).
  6. You LOVE your dad, and he in turn could not love you more!
  7. You have a special blanket called Bmm, and it is your favorite thing.
  8. You love Strawberry Shortcake, just like I did when I was small.
  9. You love to go swimming, but you mostly want to sit in the hot tub (birds of a feather we are) 
  10. You love meat! 
  11. You say the same thing every morning to Daddy, "butter jam". This simply means, "breakfast, please!" 
  12. You can screech like nobodies business, and mostly you do it just because you can.
  13. You kiss the picture of Jesus every night before you go to bed and say, "Jesus loves Nya!" 
  14. You love books.
  15. You love your baby cousin Lyla.
  16. You love the bath.
  17. You prefer to wear dresses.
  18. When someone asks you how old you are you will stick up 4 fingers and then with your other hand you will bend down your pinky and put it under your thumb and say, "not that one".
  19. You love to give hugs and kisses.
  20. You are feisty, but oh so sweet.
  21. You love chap stick.
  22. You love hand lotion.
  23. You look most like Bergen, except girlie of course.
  24. You want up a lot, and I need to remind myself that you will not want up forever and someday all too soon you will be too big for me to carry. 
  25. You have a great belly laugh.
  26. You love animals, of all sorts.
  27. My friends are your friends, and you think of them as such.
  28. You love the beach.
  29. You will say to me, "rowning (rowing), mommy?" every time I get ready to leave, and I love how you say it.
  30. You love to do stamps right now and will sneak into the school room any time you can. Something I don't quite love you doing as much as you do.
  31. You do the funniest things with your fingers. You will walk 2 fingers along your arm and up to your hair and when I follow your lead you will say, "Come in!" and we play a game using our fingers as people.
  32. Daddy and I play a game with you that you love. When either of us is holding you the other will say, "My baby" and then steal you away. It will continue back and forth between the 2 of us until at the end we all hug and mom and dad will say, "Our baby!" 
  33. You have been the very best way to complete our family. We all love you SO much.

love, mom