the heart of a child

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Last night on the way to Cubs, right out of the blue, Bergen said, "mom, I like hearing you and dad talk. I get to hear what happened at work, and sometimes I hear about some fun things you are planning........ and I get to hear funny stories about things that happened in your day (in your day! cute or what - I have 'a day!'). I could tell that this was one of those moments that needed to be handled with extreme caution - I needed to be very careful in my reception. Not too gushy that he would not want to share something like that again. Not too lightly that he would feel unheard. These thoughts were coming straight from his heart, so very sincerely. This is one of those gifts given to parents, usually few and far between, but just when it is needed most, to let a mother know that everything is alright - that children are feeling loved, that marriage and family are such amazing blessings, that I can do this and give my children what they need. The rest of the trip was driven in silence. But I sat there filled with hope. My heart felt like bursting out of my chest and I could not help but smile. My son, my 10 year old son, finds connection and comfort in the words and voices of his parents. How was I to know that as we connect as a couple, not only is the bond between husband and wife being strengthened but our ties to our children as well. I hope I will  always remember just how much we hold the hearts of our children in our hands.

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